About Floored

Floored is a New York City-based company that creates interactive 3D graphics and technology for the hospitality and commercial, residential, industrial, and retail real estate industries.

Our Team


Dave Eisenberg

Dave entered the corporate world at Bain and soon joined the startup world as Bonobos’ first hire. Years later, he flew westward to build the next great retail data platform at TellApart. In 2012, Dave founded Floored while an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Accel Partners. He has a BA from Harvard, which he uses to handle business stuff and fetch things for Floored engineers.

Dustin Byrne

Dustin is our chief algorithm officer and one of the technical founders at Floored. A maker at heart, he previously scaled engineering teams at Tririga, Zappos, and Bonobos. Dustin has a B.S. and M.E. from MIT. Dustin also has very strong opinions about important things and almost no opinions about trivial things.

Judy He

Judy is a technical founder at Floored. Because she hates “the man” but loves the internet, she has only worked at startups, including Knewton,Bonobos, and ThinkEco. Before this, Judy received a B.S. in biophysics from Brown. She doesn’t drink coffee but she likes the idea of it.


Peter Alden

VP, Digital Sales
(646) 791-2621

Dina Lemberger

Senior Sales Operations Lead

Emily Roman

Midwest & Canada Digital Sales Lead

Alexandra Rose

EMEA Digital Sales Lead

Eric Roseman

West Coast Digital Sales Lead

Evan Rosenburgh

East Coast Digital Sales Lead

Nicole Schaner

South & LatAm Sales Lead

Nik Sudhakar

APAC Digital Sales Lead

Caroline Tarzian

Residential & Hospitality Sales Lead

Our Technology

Core Engineering

Floored’s engineers work hard to ensure an experience is available on any device and computer. We’re dedicated to distributing content on every device, so everyone can experience your spaces and buildings interactively.


Luma, our custom-built graphics engine, is the world’s most advanced physically-based WebGL-renderer. That means we can deliver near-photoreal quality to modern browsers, without plugins or a seperate installation step. See light, shadows, and reflections rendered in realtime.

Floored Lite

When you’re running on a mobile device or older computer, we provide an experience similar to Google Street View. You still get the advantages of Floored’s rendering technology, but made accessible and compatible for mobile devices and older computers.


Floored’s graphics engineering team brings 3D data to life as beautifully as possible on the web. We’ve built our graphics engine from scratch to deliver the best near-photoreal, interactive experience possible.

Using physically-based, progressive rendering, our WebGL pipeline incorporates advanced techniques including global illumination, HDR lighting, glossy reflections, deffered shading, and screen space ambient occlusion, all in realtime.


The best way to build 3D spaces is still manually. Half of Floored’s staff are skilled 3D professionals from architectural, design and gaming backgrounds. We use a combination of tools and efficient techniques in 3D asset creation to recreate buildings and furniture in rich, interactive virtual experiences.


Our applications engineers build all the infrastructure necessary to capture, store, edit, serve, and display 3D experiences. Our applications include a web-based catalog for thousands of 3D assets, an online materials editor, the world’s most advanced WebGL graphics engine, and a web viewer that delivers all of this technology and refined experience to your browser and your clients.

The interactive nature of Floored’s software allows us to bring our vision to life long before the first foundation is poured.


Work at Floored

Make Stuff

Productivity is measured in output and impact, not hours. We do our best to keep things simple: there’s only one time meeting a week, so you can spend your time at work actually working, and your time away from the office actually living. If you’re self-motivated and a tinkerer at heart, you’ll thrive here.

Learn Stuff

Our relaxed environment is the perfect launchpad for getting out of your comfort zone. Exploratory research is encouraged: we value flexibility and eagerness to learn over familiarity with our existing stack. For each job, the right tool, even if we need to learn how to wield it.

Awesome Technology

Experiment with tomorrow’s hardware and software to build solutions to brand-new problems. From the latest in laser scanning and depth sensing, to algorithms sourced from the bleeding edge of academia, we keep it futuristic round the office.


Rest Insured

Top-of-the-line health, dental, and vision insurance for you and your family.

Unlimited Vacation

We really, really appreciate the value of recharging away from work. That’s why we don’t count vacation days. Take as many as you need and come back ready to contribute.

Feel Better

If you’re sick, the last thing you need is a hassle. We don’t count sick days either; just let your team know you’re staying home. We might even send you chicken soup.

Flexible Schedule

Set your own hours. Need to sign for a package, or wait out the cable guy? Work remotely as needed.

The Setup

We’ll provide all the gear you need (and love) to work with.

Competitive Salary

We offer generous equity grants and the paycheck you expect from a venture-backed startup.

Opportunities: Interested by the above, see below for current opportunities to become a part of Floored.

Product Researcher (UX/UI Researcher)

We’re looking for an experienced, entrepreneurial Product Researcher to work with a new team focused on reengineering the value stream for commercial real estate. This position is ideal for someone who wants to create brand new experiences from the ground up with one thing in mind – the customer.

To view details and apply, please click here.

Senior UX Designer

Engineering team

We’re in the process of developing and expanding our ambitious products, as well as inventing new ones. We’re looking for experienced and creative Senior User Experience Designers to take a pivotal role in this effort and craft consumer-level experiences for underserved business owners.

To view details and apply, click here.

Software Engineer

Engineering team

We’re looking for developers on all parts of the stack to work on either our new automated space planning software or our 3D viewer. You’ll have an impact on everything we do.

To view details and apply, please click here.

Product Manager

Engineering team

We’re in the process of developing and expanding most ambitious product yet in the months to come. We’re looking for an experienced and focused product manager to help see our process through and take a pivotal role in moving our progress forward. You’ll both keep the big picture in mind and break it down to an actionable level.

To view details and apply, please click here.