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Introducing Protofit for Tenants

In its first year, we built Protofit for owners and agency brokers. But we soon discovered that tenant reps were just as interested in a friendly tool for quick test fits and simple marketing materials. The feedback was consistent: tenant reps wanted to let tenants customize their favorite spaces in Protofit. Today, we’re thrilled to announce the completion of this very feature. […]

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Protofit in Practice: Jordan Yarboro, JLL

JLL Broker, Jordan Yarboro, knows that it is his job to be the best advisor he can be to his clients. That’s why when it comes to working quickly and efficiently, he uses tools like Protofit to get ahead. Floored: Tell us about your role at JLL. JLL: I’m a broker at JLL, where I […]

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Protofit in Practice: An Inside Look at MGA Realty’s Client Education Process

Senior Associate, Kamis O’Farrell and Marketing Administrative Assistant, Natasha Duval explain the unique way the marketing team at MGA Realty uses Protofit to illustrate design efficiency to their clients. Floored: Tell us about your roles at MGA. MGA: Here at MGA we have Brokers who work directly with the clients, to listen and understand their […]

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Protofit in Practice: Two Trees & Grovo

Protofit in Practice is a monthly series of interviews featuring CRE brokers, landlords, and tenants. Each month, the Floored team will spotlight a Protofit client and discuss the role Protofit plays in their leasing process. Protofit helped Two Trees find Grovo the perfect space for their rapidly growing team. Read on for the experiences of both the […]

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3D for Every Commercial Space

A new, accessible approach to moving the commercial real estate industry from 2D to 3D Video of Protofit 3D in Action Over the last few years, Floored has built a set of new technologies for real estate visualization – providing universal access to interactive 3D digital spaces, which previously required the installation of special software […]

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Floored Models T3 Minneapolis for Hines

“Thank you, Floored, for the great product. We believe it is a game changer for the industry.” “Hines worked with Floored to build interactive 3D models for our latest commercial office project in Minneapolis, called T3. The T3 concept (timber, transit, and technology) combines the aesthetic, spatial volumes, and warmth of older brick and timber […]

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