Floored Build. A bespoke, videogame-like experience for real estate professionals.
Explore your projects freely with immersive, interactive web-based 3D environments that require no special software.

Floored Build is unprecedented technology unlike anything else in real estate. It’s a truly interactive, completely customized 3D experience—not just a 360º panorama, flythrough video, or rendering. Build gives you and your tenants freedom to wander properties and see them from any angle, like a video game, and to experience spaces not just as they are, but as they could be. Give prospects a feel for a repositioning before it happens, or let them walk the halls of a building that hasn’t yet been built. Floored Build helps not just to see how a property will look, but to understand how the space will feel.

Floored Build is a service. Our production team will build your space by hand, working closely with developers and architects to make sure that the virtual version of your property is an exact match for the real one. When it’s done, your bespoke 3D experience is delivered on a simple website that requires no special software.

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Points of interest

Highlight each property’s unique areas, features, and views with Points of Interest.

Export images

Click the screenshot button to get an instant image of your space. Then use those images in emails, websites, and print materials.

Exterior view

Fly above the space in a god’s-eye view to see the entire property at once.

Interact and track location

Track your location on the 2D floorplan and interact with it to move around.

The interactive nature of Floored’s software allows us to bring our vision to life long before the first foundation is poured.


Featured Floored Build Projects

The Wharf

Client: Madison Marquette
Type: Residential

Explore this project →

At 27 acres and 2.7 million square feet of development, The Wharf is a major one of the largest developments ever—and one of Floored’s largest residential projects—in Washington, D.C. The project will revitalize an entire waterfront district, transforming Washington. Madison Marquette used several of our 3D models to help communicate the scale of their vision.

Maison Du Parc French Quarter

Client: ICOM Capital Group
Type: Residential

Explore a residence →      Explore the site →

Floored’s first project in New Orleans is a set of ten new luxury residences in the historic French Quarter. Our team of 3D artists collaborated with ICOM to capture the development’s high end finishes, developing novel techniques for representing plantlife in Luma.


Client: National Development
Type: Residential / Amenity

Explore the lounge →      Explore an apartment →

Situated in the heart of Cambridge, Massachusetts, Chroma is a new luxury apartment building for younger tenants. Our model of the building’s amenity space gives apartment hunters a chance to see for themselves the property’s fashionable style, lounge, and roof deck. Chroma’s trendiness also gave Floored a chance to have some fun and be a bit experimental with our design.


Client: Hines
Type: Commercial

Explore the lobby →      Explore a floor →

Hines worked with Floored to showcase the unique interior spaces at their latest office project in Minneapolis long before the building completed construction. The T3 concept—timber, transit, and technology—combines the warmth of older brick and timber buildings with state-of-the-art amenities and systems.

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