Floored Plans. A breakthrough marketing and leasing tool for office space.
Smart, interactive floor plans in 2D and 3D.
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Floored Plans puts you in control of your leasing process. Create unlimited layouts, customized for each prospect. Be an expert on every property with live metrics and measurements.

And wow prospects with one-click, immersive 3D walkthroughs complete with accurate panoramic views from every floor.

Share and track
Share test fits with your prospects and they’ll be able to customize the space for themselves. Then, visit the Sent Spaces dashboard to track activity and gauge interest. See how tenants customize the space, how long they spend on the page, and more.

Edit test fits
Turn around most changes in seconds with simple tools. Floored Plans complies with code and makes architect-approved layout decisions.

Interactive measurements
Zoom in to see the measurements of any room in your plans right from your browser. It’s more convenient and more accurate than a step-count guesstimate.

Floored Plans 3D
With one click, instantly turn any floor plan into a fully interactive 3D tour. Show tenants not just how they’ll fit, but how they’ll live in the space.

Panoramic Views
Look out the window of any 3D space and you’ll find accurate views. Plans automatically pull the latest images from Google Earth.

1. Send Floored your architectural files

We convert your CAD into smart, simple, online plans, making your space available from any browser.

2. Customize a plan

Start with as-built conditions or a Floored-supplied template like “Legal Office” or “Open Plan.” Then, customize the layout to your tenants’ needs in seconds.

3. Be an Expert

Provide accurate headcount and measurements, and give tenants a feel for the space with an interactive 3D tour.

4. Share

Send a link to any layout or 3D tour, or print a PDF.

The interactive nature of Floored’s software allows us to bring our vision to life long before the first foundation is poured.